Eggplant boats with cereals and legumes

A tasty and healthy recipe for anyone who loves vegetarian and vegan dishes. Eggplant, cereals and legumes nothing more nourishing.

If you are looking for an alternative vegan dish, this is the perfect recipe for you! Tasty eggplant stuffed with various types of cereals on a bed of tomato puree, nothing more healthy and delicious.

It can be a perfect second dish a good alternative to meat and fish. We know how cereals and legumes are healthy, so why not to mix them together creating a delicious dish.

barchette di melanzane con cereali e legumi - eggplant boats with cereals and legumes

Sometimes cereals and legumes appear a little dry and that’s why most of people don’t like to eat them. But, that’s also why we decided to close them into eggplants and mix all with a delicious tomato puree. These two actions help them to maintain softness and moisture.

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Cereals and legumes

It is important to use different cereals and legumes, but you will not have to buy the entire list below. You just need 4 or 5 of them, so the recipe is more colored e tasty:

  • lentils (classic and red)
  • quinoa
  • chickpeas
  • beans (maybe more than a type, such as pinto, Piattella, etc.)
  • rice (more than one type: ribe white, red, black)
  • barley
  • spelt

While you will put them to boil, you will have time to grill the eggplant slices (you can also do it with an electric griddle).

Ingredients for eggplant boats

Decide  the doses according to the size and the number of your eggplant slices. You need to fill them. Doses below are for about 8 boats.

  • 30 grams ribe white rice
  • 30 grams red rice
  • 30 grams barley
  • 30 grams quinoa
  • 30 grams lentils
  • 30 grams chickpeas

(you can change one or more ingredients of the list or add other types of rice, lentils, beans, barley, etc. In addition, you may also add some cooked vegetables, such as celery, carrots, potatoes).

  • 1 or 2 eggplants
  • 200 ml tomato puree
  • 1/2 white onion
  • Parsley (a tablespoon)
  • Rosemary (5-6 sprigs)
  • Flax seed (a tablespoon)
  • 1 garlic clove
  • Extravergine olive oil
  • Salt and black pepper

How to preapre eggplant boats

You need about 45 mins to prepare this recipe.

1. Boil chickpeas and lentils (for 10 minutes) in water adding salt, then add the various types of rice and barley (let it boil for 10 minutes more), add quinoa (let it boil for others 15 minutes more)

2. Cut the eggplant into slices. Grill them on a hot plate on both sides, for a few minutes.

3. Prepare a tomato sauce (Italian Pomarola style). Cut the white onion (thin), put it in a pan with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and a garlic clove (optional). Make it brown. Add the tomato puree and cook it for about 15 minutes. Add chopped parsley, a little olive oil and season it with salt and pepper.

4. Take cereals and legumes and mix them in a bowl adding a few tablespoons of tomato puree, and a tablespoon of flax seed.

5. Prepare the boats, one at a time, filling them with cereals and legumes. Close them using a sprig of rosemary.

6. Serve three boats per person, put them on a bed of tomato puree (like real boats, sailing in a red sea). Garnish the plate with fresh rosemary, pepper (if you like) and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.


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